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Posted on 9 August 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

Yesterday we brought you the first Olympics incentive to run at RSVP for Rio 2016. The Which? team were quick off the mark to bring something creative and fun for the staff for the next two weeks.

The 6th floor of RSVP soon got wind of this and very quickly designed their own Olympics games for the staff to enjoy! This has been named…

Office Olympics 2016!

This will run every day over the course of the actual Olympics for the enjoyment of all staff of the 6th floor. There will be a plethora of different and inventive games including cup stacking, paper toss basketball, team aeroplane building, and chair curling.

Each account will be a team and to qualify to play the game you have to have been one of the top performers on your account the previous day …Sounds good right?!

Oh, and to top it off, your prize for winning one of the challenges is a lovely bottle of wine!

Todays game… Cup stacking!

IMG 5927

IMG 5924

IMG 5919

IMG 5917

IMG 5916IMG 5908

IMG 5907

IMG 5906IMG 5905IMG 5898

IMG 5893