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Posted on 13 July 2016 by

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By Hannah Wyre

Two of our fellow RSVP’ers, Leanne May Bennett and Jessica Kathryn, are crowdfunding for the production of a new film which they are involved in this summer.

‘No Epilogue’ is a short film following a ‘real-time conversation’ between two sisters who are discussing the end of humanity. The story follows the girl’s opinions and thoughts on the 21st century and yet still allows for humour and heartfelt moments throughout.

The script was written by Jessica, who works on the Argos account here – a lot of her writing started out as stories written in memos here at RSVP! Jess also recently co-wrote and performed in the part animated ‘Strawberry Vale’ at Oval House, which they are continuing to develop after lots of positive reviews!

Leanne, who also works on our Argos account, will be playing one of the leads in ‘No Epilogue’ – She has also co-founded a company called Shrink Theatre and they have been developing a production called ‘Northfields’ (an immersive experience that challenges stigmas around mental health).

The film is due to be shot over four days this summer, and as you can imagine, finding all the funding for such a project is not easy! They have just under 2 weeks of crowdfunding left! They are trying their best to keep the budget low; however, they will be inevitable costs which will need to be covered somehow.

If you can help in any way possible please get involved and back this fantastic concept, I’m sure it will be a great success!

To find out more, go to where you can watch a short video about the piece and donate any pennies if you so wish! (There are also lots of fun rewards/perks that come from donating to the production, check it out on the website!!)

You can also follow them on Instgram and twitter - @noepiloguefilm


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