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Posted on 29 March 2016

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RSVP is pleased to welcome Peter Doczi to the RSVP family. Peter started last week and has been charged with being the new manager for our travel and tourism team on the 5th floor. He has plenty of experience in the contact centre world having previously managed an office for a popular gym chain and local council offices.

Originally from Budapest in Hungary he has been living in London for 10 years. I spoke to Peter today about his background in the contact centre industry and his excitement on starting his new role at RSVP. As previously mentioned, Peter has managed contact centres before however there aren’t many like RSVP and seems to be relishing the challenge “I am very excited to be starting, working in this atmosphere is something that a I really enjoy. I am not an actor myself but I love working with creatives.” Although he is not a performer Peter has worked in the creative sector as he used be an editor of a magazine back in Hungary “I really enjoyed it. Not so much the writing side but the editing and article selection. So even though working with actors is not something I’m used too I am well aware of the creative mind-set.”

Talking about his work here the new account manager said “I want to encourage people to be themselves. I want people who are hardworking, friendly, but most of all not robotic on the phones. It’s really important that the staff bring their personalities to the role.” I don’t think he will have any trouble finding that at RSVP. He went on to say “I want to create an environment where people feel appreciated and their hard work is rewarded. I’m really looking forward to getting in to the full flow of everything and getting to know everyone.”

Everyone at RSVP would like to wish Peter very good luck in his new role and we are looking forward to working with him for years to come.

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