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Posted on 26 July 2015

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Friday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Flatbread w. Banana – Finish Time: 18:00


Friday was a tough day. There was a strange cloud looming over us. 


The start of the day was all about the music. Dom, our music maestro, brought his initial suggestions in for scoring the show. So, after spending the first couple of hours recapping lines and working any changes to the script, we then set for the top of the show and started to go through scenes with sound.


Dom is an immensely interesting and deep guy, and his sound design reflects this. He has created two distinct styles, two sound worlds that will ultimately finish the veneer of the show. LIKE ICING ON CAKE … MMMM CAKE!


This was a detailed process and it took time. Stella and I spent a good forty five minutes lying in bed waiting for our que, as the play sung on around us. Not going to lie – definitely fell asleep more than once.. Think Stella did too.. COZY


I particularly like the music for Paris, it’s rich and vibrant, Django-ish music; it’s quite sparring and somehow dissolute; it totally suits.


At around 16:00, the mood changed. We had guests. GOOD EVENING ESTEEMED SIRS AND MADAMS!


We had an invited audience of about ten people in to see a run. They were a varied bunch, all of them formidable in their fields. We had cherished and trusted peers, members of boards, we even had the Chairwoman of the Peter Brook Awards! (She’s in her 90s and she fell asleep…) NEVER MIND


It was quite a daunting thing to start, but after the run had come to a relatively firm end, the responses were encouraging. They have all passed on their thoughts and advice and we will be reflecting on them on Monday.


After the run, we legged it to the pub for many many drinks. FAREWELL SORROWS!


Big love One&All!