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Posted on 24 July 2015

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Wednesday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Tuna Nicoise w. Banana – Finish: 17:30

We came to the polishing of some of our most tricky transitional scenes today. AAAAW SNAP


To be perfectly frank, we pretty much smashed it, but it took a lot out of us.


The job hunt swipes were first up; this is a busy and complicated scene that darts back and forwards between our two worlds. Although we had shaped this pretty well before, we spent a good deal of time on it today. The first niggling issue was how we can fit behind the wheelie door for the swipes, the second thing was how fast can the door move and still conceal people, and the third thing was what the "door pullers" we're actually doing! 


This became a bit of a theme for me today. As I do a fair bit of 'stage management' in these scenes, I spend a lot of the day working out how and why I am lugging a door, or a table, or Stella, across the stage and back again. WHAT'S MY MOTIVATION 


It's that finishing touch to 'stage management' that keeps the theatrical world inclusive whilst not distracting from the main focus. 


I also dedicated a lot of my time and energy today on insuring the Stella never got to finish the end of her lines. Now, I don't what to say she takes too long to say stuff, that would be unprofessional, but I surly can't be held responsible for not knowing the end of my cues, can I? CAN I?!? NO!! 


It all came to a head in a fiery showdown, Stella let me have it and I cowered like a kicked puppy. It was embarrassing. 




My favourite part of the day was plotting The Communist scene. It's a funny little interlude in Orwell's job hunt and it all takes place inside the maximum security of an umbrella. Stella took a photo... We look like we're about to do a musical number; not the super-secret and dangerous encounter I was hoping for... AAAAH POOPS


Thursday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Flatbread w. Banana – Finish Time: 18:00

today we prepared for the crunch.


Seeing as tomorrow we have a few meagre hours in the morning before we present what we have to an esteemed audience of backers and VIPs, today we charged on through as much of the polishing as we could muster. HIGH HO SILVER!


We worked long and hard on our kitchen scenes, trying to paint in a bit of nuance over the general shape. The scenes scrubbed up really nicely and we managed to portray the manic machine with a fair bit of clarity. 


Following the kitchen scenes, we only had the young waiter and the farewells to get through and we breezed through them like too many prunes. FART JOKE


After lunch, we set about another run. First off, we worked through the transitions, solidifying everything we had done over the week. Hours and hours of work condensed into three quarters of an hour. 


Then, the looming giant finally awoke. We reset to the preset and began our run. 


All in all, the run went really well! It really buoyed us up. It's a daunting and exhausting show in many respects, the most brain power spent working out what's happening off stage. What's coming up next tends to be more pressing that what's happening now, at least for me! 


Tomorrow is going to be a really big day... Stay tuned!