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Posted on 21 July 2015

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Monday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Falafel, humus and Butternut salad w. Banana – End Time: 17:00

It all came to fruition today; all of our remaining replay units were smashed out of the park! OOO YEAAA

In other words, we have finished revisiting all of the sections of the play that needed a total revamp.

In other other words, we have a whole play! WELL… ALMOST

One thing still remains unfinished .. untouched, actually. The End…

David provided us all with a brand new draft today which includes a band new ending. The whole text is more concise and flows far more freely than it did before. The ending has a really chilling, conclusiveness about it. I really like it, it gave me goosebumps. SPOOKY

This new ending will be tackled tomorrow and then all of our focus will be on the mammoth task of placing the atomic detail into each scene.

We started this today.

After lunch, we settled into the opening of the play; combing through every gesture, every movement and every image. This is the where producing a play of quality either makes or breaks. It’s these almost microscopic details that create true depth and scope to a story and its characters. Without them, a play will seem one dimensional, even trivial, so we will be working ourselves ragged to make sure we nail it. In three hours, we worked through roughly five minutes of the play.

David mentioned some quasi-quote about how marble sculptors perceive their work as an act of uncovering. Rather than creating a figure out of marble, he simply removes any marble that isn’t the image; leaving the image bare. I guess that is what we’ve been doing. The whole process has been an act of reduction. We started with a script that was far too long, a stack of research far too big, stagecraft that was far too extravagant; but as the process has gone on, we have simmered everything down, honed it, until it is economic, slick and pacey.

Now, all that remains is to polish this sucker up… SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND

Big Love to everyone at RSVP.

Tuesday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad w. Banana – End Time: 16:40

Aaaaand the whole play is now blocked, end and all!

We started today by looking at our new ending and how we can transit from the penultimate scene.

It’s an interesting ending, one that holds the gravitas we need to make a parting statement, without coming across too didactic or preachy. I think it’s a winner. GOOD SHOW

The morning was spent stepping out this scene and, after an early lunch – MMMMM LUNCH – we then spent a long afternoon fine tuning.

We picked up where we left off, somewhere towards the end of the Guesthouse sequence, and worked all the way through to the end of the ‘Six Francs’ Unit. ‘Six Francs’ is a revolving scene between Polly and Orwell as they describe their decent into poverty. They focus on the real value of money and the cost of necessities; it’s the little things that go – enough lightbulbs for your flat or going clean shaven – and it’s how these little changes have a huge effect on a person’s life.

The polishing of our play is really exhausting stuff. It’s the repetition that really gets you in the end. Particularly if the scene involves you crawling in and out from under a bed. CARPET BURNS

Nevertheless, we have been productive and cheery for enough of the day to get some real work done.

BREAKING NEWS. It turns out that we will be doing our first full run on Friday! And what’s slightly more concerning … there will be an audience! AAAAWWWW HELL NOOOO

Better learn my lines…

Big Love to everyone back at RSVP!