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Posted on 19 July 2015

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Friday – Start Time: 10:00  Munch:  Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad w. Banana – End Time: 16:30 (because FRIIIDAY!)

Well, we once again managed to get the bed fixed. We have this one welder who has performed numerous surgeries on our numerous bedframes; let’s hope this was his last call-out.

Today started around the table. SPECTICLES OUT

David wanted to talk through each of the units with us, deciding as a group whether a unit is in good shape and needs polishing or whether it needs totally re-doing. By the end of the hour we had two piles; Carol had the polish pile and Dickie had the replay pile. We decided that we should smash out as many of the units that needed re-playing with today so we could be as close to a clean slate for Monday as possible. YOU COULD EAT YOUR DINNER OF THAT SLATE

Needless to say, we caned through all but one unit in the replay pile. After each unit was ticked off the list, the card would be ceremoniously passed to Carol who called out its name to the heavens as we all applauded and added it to the polish pile. It was beautiful. TEARS WE SHED

This was a really encouraging way to visualise the work that needed to be done, and the hour spent in the morning going through everything together was made up tenfold by how efficiently we could then tackle our problem pieces.

Our next big challenge will be logistical, I reckon. We sort of know how the play will run onstage but damned if we know how it works in the wings. Time and Space are yet to be conquered. Particularly, quick costume changes I can foresee being a mighty pain in the rump. I’ll keep you posted   

We went to the pub again in the evening for a swift beer or seven; McLeod, Mike and myself staying a little later. It was amazing to hear a bit more about what everyone has done in their careers. It’s one of those weird things with actors; some people cannot stop themselves from going on about what they’ve done WHEN I WAS ON AT THE OLIVIER and then there are those who, over the course of working with them, slowly reveal some truly inspirational stuff they’ve been involved in. We had a really great chinwag before McLeod and I went marching on to meet with some old friends who had finished a seven month tour with The YSC. GOOD DAY

I hope everyone back at basecamp is holding up. See you soon!