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Posted on 11 July 2015

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Friday – Start Time: 11:00 (given an hour off for Thursday’s late finish) Munch: Salmon teriyaki sushi box w. Banana – End Time: 16:30 (because FRIIIDAY!)

All about the business on Friday.

We tackled a seriously tricky section of our play; The Job Hunt. The reason this is such an irksome unit is because we are trying to convey the tedium and drudgery of searching for a job … without being tedious or a drudge. We have a very small amount of stage time to convey the hours and hours spent in both books searching for jobs. The two worlds must also inhabit the stage at the same time; Polly and Orwell marching from business to business in different centuries.

We used ‘swipes’ today …. Lots and lots of swipes..

A swipe, for those of you unfamiliar, is a way of changing a scene in the blink of an eye. It all works through obstruction and pace … and in our case, a great big door on wheels.

Who remembers the riddle about a famer who has to get his grain, a chicken and a fox across a river without any of them eating the other? That’s how it felt plotting our scene swipes!

Who needs to go there?

Who’s carrying that chair?

Where has Stella gone? NARNIA!

How are we going to fit five of us behind a hurtling piece of scenery with four chairs, a desk and our dignity? No one knows!  

Needless to say, this section took ALL DAY! But, by the end, we had a really great shape and lots to return to when we start shaping and polishing.

This week has been exceptionally fun; it’s been inspiring; it’s been enlightening. I feel extremely humbled to be working with such a great company. To be honest with you, I am exhausted, but never once have I felt tired. I think that says something about the encouraging nature of the group; we help each other along, keep the pace high, and the laughing loud.

This week ended with seven of the finest words in the English language ringing in my ears; “Here’s my card. Set up a tab.” SSCCOOOOOOOORREEE!

David took us all out for a drink or four on Friday evening; the small gaps of unfamiliarity that exist between us all shrank yet again as we raised glasses. Soon, I think we will be as thick as thieves and proud of what we have done together.

I hope everything is chugging along nicely back at base; the cake sale looked great! Gutted I missed it!