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Posted on 16 July 2015

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Wednesday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Salmon Teriyaki Salad w. Banana – Finish: 16:30 (We had to move our set back to The New Diorama)

Today we may have faced our first bump in the road.

It was well overdue, everything so far has run eerily smooth; we haven’t come up against one difficult obstacle since we began.

I think the primary cause of today’s slump was tiredness; the long days on our feet might well have caught up with us.

We tried our hardest to keep the energy up but it was leaking away like dear Henry’s bucket.

We did manage to shape some of the business at The Hotel X, The Agency and The Communist’s office but it felt a bit like pulling teeth.

What was reassuring was that, even under these conditions, the company managed not to turn on itself and we kept getting up after the knockdowns.

I guess these kind of days are simply part of the creative process and, seeing as we are currently tackling the hardest part, we’re still ahead of the game. Most companies make it a bad habit to leave this kind of work until the end, preferring to polish individual scenes out of order. We, on the other hand, have bent backwards to make sure that the whole play is there, that we know what happens next and how we can make it happen. It’s this jigsaw that can really take it out of you.

Soon we will have the whole shape, probably by the end of the week, then we will have two whole weeks to go back over and focus on that pinpoint detail that brings a play to life.

Keep on smiling and Big Love to everyone back on the Dogs.

Thursday – Start Time: 11:00 (Drama Studio Derig) Munch: Edamame, Green Bean & Broccoli Salad – End Time: 18: (Had to Ship all our stuff back to Theatre Deli)

Out of the Ashes!

Yesterday being such an ache in the crotch, you will be surprised to hear that we RAN THE WHOLE PLAY TODAY!

After a morning of tracking all our scene changes out on a real stage, we then faced up to a whole run-through. In all fairness, it wasn’t half bad.

When I say “wasn’t half bad”, what I mean is that no one fell over, or refused to go on, or was decapitated by a swinging door. The play hobbled along from beginning to ‘sort of’ end (we don’t technically have an ending yet..) without any huge fudge ups! WELL DONE TEAM

Our director has a really clever idea on where to go next with the show. From now, our mornings will be spent working on the worst / most difficult sections of the play and our afternoons spent polishing the best bits about our play. This way, we shouldn't ever get too disheartened spending a day struggling with the worst, nor will we ever get too cocky spending all our time refining our most impressive spectacles. CLEVER DAVID

Normally, a devised play such as ours wouldn’t be ready to run until the arse-end of the final week of rehearsal; even the first preview has been known to be the first time a play has come together. So, to have two full weeks left after a run is a blinking miracle!

One of the prize moments of the day was from Carol, playing Polly Toynbee. We were half way through the run, already all of us were panicked and sweating and cursing, and Carol just broke into a hysterical laugh/cry. I can’t really be sure whether it was a crying laugh or a laughing cry but it set the whole room off. We didn’t even bother to stop to let it pass; we continued with the next two scenes with everyone creasing up like Krusty the freaking Clown. GOOD TIMES.

After the run was done, Me and McLeod offered to help our Stage Manager (Helen) transport the set back to Theatre Deli. On taking the set out to the courtyard, you’ll never guess what McLeod broke … Yup … The Bed. That’s BED NUMBER THREE! That has to be some kind of record.

The welder is in tomorrow to see if it can be resurrected. I’ll keep you posted.

Big Love One and All!