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Posted on 3 August 2015

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Friday – Start Time : 10:00 – Munch: Salmon, Edamame and Broccoli salad  – Finish Time : 21:00 (So much to do)


Friday was the last push. And what a push it was…


We had a great deal to do on returning to NDT, mainly around tech and offstage space.


The first thing we did was work through the play, making sure everything was working offstage… surprise surprise… it wasn’t.. AAAWWWW SNNNAAAPPPP


So, work began reworking exits, re-managing props, re-allocating space. The first few hours flew past as we tried to have it all done in time for our tech run. We didn’t.. But we were close! YOU COULD ALMOST SMELL IT


The tech began well; we worked through the play, scene by scene and the sounds and lights were put into place. We worked the gauze in, the haze machine, and more light and sound cues than you’d expect in a three hour epic. SOO MUCH TECH


We were working to a deadline. At 8:00, we were running the show…


We had decided earlier in the day to try and get as many of our Friday audience to move to the Saturday, and most of them did, but not Polly Toynbee… GULP


So, once everything was in place, we did a run for her.


Taking into account that we had been working non-stop for ten hours BEFORE doing the run, I think we did ourselves proud. It seemed to go off without any major issues. Getting the doors in and out of the wings is proving to be terribly difficult but that’s really our only big mess.


We have earnt ourselves a lie-in. tomorrow we are in at 13:00


Saturday – Start Time: 13:00 – Munch: Pitta Bread & Dip – Finish time: 20:30 (FIRST PUBLIC PREVIEW)


The first big shock of the day was a severe cutting to our technical plot for the day.


One of the biggest issues David and the Team noticed during Friday’s run was that the tech was too much. We are doing a play about poverty and the play came across as too ‘flashy’. So we spent a good few hours simplifying everything; we’ve even removed the gauze completely.


After our second tech, we slammed out a cheeky run-through and then preset for the show. We had totally sold out, we even had people sitting on the stairs! It was a very surreal experience to have worked on a show so privately for so long to then finally get round to showing people. Especially something devised. It was actually quite nerve-wracking.


We had time for a quick break; everyone paced off for a few moments to collect themselves and to get some fresh air.


The five minute call was given. Everything was in place. Quick-change costumes were laid out, props were hidden out of sight, Andy got under the bed, and the doors opened.


The run was ok. We got some very encouraging feedback from some particularly tough critics.


The only thing holding the show back tonight was tiredness. We have been working so hard and there was only so much left in the reserve.


Still, we are very proud of ourselves; the show is in a cracking shape and we have one more day to knock out any other kinks.


Sunday – Start Time: 13:00 – Munch: None – Finish Time : 17:00


Today was a surprisingly calm day, in all.



You’d think that, seeing as this was our LAST DAY BEFORE LEAVING, that we would have more to do and more to worry about.


But instead, we went through a few weak spots that were highlighted by yesterday’s run, did a dress run for press shots and loaded the van. SIMPLES


The bits we needed to work over were mainly involving the moving of scenery. What can happen in these moments in the show drops as we negotiate the cumbersome set; so we shortened and tightened these sequences so they were more economic and less distracting.


The run went well, a little lacklustre but that happens when your only audience member is a camera lens.


Loading the van was the most high-stakes game of Tetris I have ever played… So much irreplaceable stuff being piled in; we had to be very careful not to break anything or leave anything behind. We’ll only know how well we did when we get there.


I got a desperate text at five this morning from Helen, our Superhero Stage Manager; she couldn’t remember if we got all the suitcases in and it had kept her awake all night. I told her that they were in there … HOPE IM NOT WRONG


I’m writing this on a Virgin Train bound for Edinburgh.. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be chin deep in Fringe.  BRING IT ON!!!


Big Love.