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Posted on 31 July 2015

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Wednesday – Start Time : 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Wrap w. Banana & Snackajacks & Boost Bar – Finish Time : 18:15 (UUURRRGGH)




Today was a far more positive day.


I think everyone felt the need to turn frowns upside across the board, and the whole day had a positive vibe.


It came to our attention that Dear Old Dickie, our Orwell, has been a little neglected thus far. As a company, we’ve focused a lot more on the other half of our play, the Polly world, and Dickie is so good that it’s all too easy to leave him to his own devices; but that’s not fair! FOUL PLAY


So we gave Dickie a little TLC today, working through each of his scenes with the focus on him FOR A CHANGE


Afterwards, we went through the scenes that were flagged up during our run yesterday, having a tinker and a polish. There were a few more script changes to be made but we have now be assured that the script will be staying the same now … at least until Saturday … WE’RE NEVER SAFE


We finished the day with another run, which showed encouraging signs of improvement. It’s becoming slicker on stage and calmer backstage; still a few funny blunders but we’re on the right road.


Tomorrow, we will be running continuously… gonna have to dig deep BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL  


Big Love.


Thursday – Start Time : 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Wrap w. Snackajacks – Finish Time : 18:00 (Took set back to NDT)


We started today with a full on run in the hope that we might bring the thunder before we got tired. The run did go well, it gets a slicker every time we do it, but I think everyone is suffering with energy levels. GET ME COFFEE


after the run, the cast sat down in the hallway to do a speed line run, just to solidify any of the last minute changes and to make sure everything is there for Friday's preview GULP


After lunch, Maestro Dom started his music tech.


We started from the top and worked through meticulously. Or should I say, everyone else worked through meticulously. I, on the other hand, start the play in bed and ended up staying there for forty five minutes ... So, naturally, I had a snooze. MMMMM SNOOOOZE


I'm not sure how well that went down seeing as everyone else was working hard but hey, I had to be in the bed soooo.... YUP


The sound is great, it totally lifts the play and creates a truly wonderful atmosphere. I can't wait to hear the rest! 


Tomorrow's the day ... In come the invited guests ... In comes the lights and sound ... I hope it's a winner ...


Big love