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Posted on 28 July 2015

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Monday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Flatbread w. Banana & Snackajacks – End Time: 17:00


We were welcomed back into rehearsals today with a very important card on the table. We had to do a ‘Wing Run’.


 Although that sounds like something straight out of Top Gun, a wing run is actually an aspect of the technical plotting of the play.


Our play relies very heavily on a very small amount of wing-space being used at optimum efficiency. It also relies on everyone in the cast helping one another. Whether that’s getting in and out of costumes, or pre-setting the props and set for the next scene; without properly rehearsing what happens offstage, our play would sag like a wet pair on long johns. HILLBILLY STYLES


So we spent the morning running the play, scene by scene, and working out who is able to prepare the necessaries for the next bit.


This took a chunk of the weight off my shoulders; my biggest worries have been whether we can keep up the tempo the play requires, the seamlessness at the heart of any theatrical success, when we are confined to a tiny wing and wearing all the costumes. So, having a chance to plot it has made me feel a lot better. AAAANNND BREATHE


After we’d finished the run, my buddy Siegffried the Magician showed up to teach Mike a thing or two about card tricks. NO, REALLY


It’s a minor detail of the play, and I’m not going to give it away, but we thought that a little, magical flourish wouldn’t go amiss. Mike spent the rest of the day pulling cards out of thin air.


Afterwards, we turned our attentions to the new rewrite. Some small alterations have been made to bring the modern half of our play to life.


One of the most constructive criticisms we received on Friday was to do with the disparity between the Orwellian and modern sides to our story, so David spent yet another weekend working his eyes out on buffering the script.


The rewrites work wonderfully, they are more pointed and conflicting, making for a juicier watch.


We are into our final week of rehearsals now and the pressure is on. Let’s hope we can all keep our heads…


Big Love.


Tuesday – Start Time : 10:00 – Munch: Chicken Tikka Wrap w. Banana & Snackajacks – Finish Time : 18:15 (UUURRRGGH)


Holy Fudge-cakes, what a day! I am really tired.


I started today already aching like a geriatric after a barn dance and it got a whole lot harder as the day went on. EVEN MY JOKES ARE TIRED


We started the day with the end. We have finally settled on the staging and cobbled it into shape. We have to leave a lot of the finer tuning until we are in the theatre with the gauze, but it’s reassuring that we now have a full play! HUZZAR!


After lunch we had time for a quick spit polish of some of our busier scenes; The Kitchens, The Job Centre and the Ending (Which need a bit more than spit). This took us up to about 15:30 and left us a few minutes to break and set for a run.


Running this play is still a bit like bedlam.


It is getting smoother, the transition are getting cleaner, and lines are getting learnt; but backstage is a freaking warzone. For the first time, tension ran high … really high.


We stumbled like angry drunks through the play and, objectively, it is improving. It was slower today, but I think that came down to pace rather than content. Although, I imagine there will be some cuts as well.


After the run, there was a bit of a stink in the room. Actually, the whole building.


I came out of our rehearsal room to meet another cast at each other’s throats about something or other; at least we managed not to take anything out on anybody else.


I just felt like either everyone was blaming themselves, or secretly blaming others, but hey…


At the end of the day, it’s a small hot room, it’s a fast and complicated play, and we have spent every waking hour with each other for weeks… it’s a familial thing now, and family’s get ticked off with each other.


Everything will be fine tomorrow, guaranteed.


Big love.