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Posted on 9 July 2015

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Wednesday – Start Time: 10:00 – Munch: Palma ham & Avocado Salad w. Banana – Finish: 18:00


No more tables. No more chairs.

Today, we spent all our time working mercilessly on the beginning nine units of our play; like angry bees besetting the hive. The beginning is my favourite part of the play; it includes most of the really fun set pieces.

First up is The Guesthouse. Each of the tenants crawling out from each other’s shadows. Our poor wheelie bed has seen more action today than most of us will in our entire lives; actors spread eagle on top with another snuggly pressed underneath; tossed to and fro liken the village bicycle. Not to mention the fact that the bed is whizzing across the stage the whole blooming time! Just so you know, it is not easy to hang on the underside of a speeding wheelie bed … but it does feel like you’re in mission impossible!

We worked on the Bistro, the Bedroom and the Council Flat; all with promising results. For a first day actually on our feet; we covered a really decent amount of the script.

Two more awesome sections we covered today were The Murder and The Robbery. OOOO YEAAAA.

The Murder is a great and darkly comic moment from our play. It reveals our Parisian’s desensitisation to death and violence, and we have a nice corpse gag for you… EVERYONE LOVES A CORPSE GAG!

The Robbery takes a lot of the tricks we introduced in The Guesthouse; people appearing from nowhere in a frenzied search for their most important possessions … which is money. It’s all gone and soon we get to holler at each other like jackals before blustering off again.

Still, after all this excitement, I haven’t told you the best bit… We were visited by an exceptionally important person today. An esteemed journalist, author and notoriously Lefty, and one of my personal heroes. Polly Toynbee. Half of our play is based on her work, and she came in to make sure we hadn’t made a complete hash of it! It was a real privilege to meet her and we got to chat about the Tories and the Poor til the cows came home (underfed and claiming benefits).

Great day. Great bunch. Great Pint after to wait for the commuters to evaporate.

Big Love to you All back at RSVP!


Thursday – Start Time: 10:20 (tube strike…) Munch: Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad w. Banana – End Time: 19:30 (Biiiig Day)


So the tube strike was fun…. Luckily for me, David also lives in Walthamstow and decided to get a cab; he tweeted me at 8:30 this morning and asked if I wanted a lift. BEST NEWS EVER!

It still took us an hour and forty minutes to get in.

We all finally assembled at 11:00 and continued on pencilling in the acting for our next big ensemble piece; The Job Centre.


A lot of our focus today was on how we make the scene appear and disappear. We have this great trick involving a big set of double doors we've mounted on wheels; the idea is that, as the doors travel across the stage, the scene appears in its wake as if by magic. SPOOOOKY.

It’s all about sight lines and carefully placed props (I was in charge of the waiting room chairs) and we quickly created an effective shape.

We reached a really important mile stone in our script today; the first time our two protagonists (in their own parallel worlds) coexist on stage at the same time. The Pawn Shop and Brighthouse.

Mike, a cracking chap and superb actor, was the pinch point between the two. He was both The Pawn Shop Owner and The Brighthouse Salesman; swinging from scene to scene and time to time like a time lord with Tourette’s.

Also, we broke the bed. The second bed. That’s two beds we’ve broken now. I must confess, I broke the first (I was simply too strong and manly for it…) and the second buckled today under our collective awesomeness.

The day concluded with the wild visit from our wonderfully odd costume queen, Ronnie. She brought bags of the stuff! Bags and boxes lay everywhere in the rehearsal room and we pawed through them all like kids at Christmas.

It was a long day today, and the trip home was a pain in the rear; but I am now in my armchair with a glass of Bushmills. So everything’s cool.


Big love to you all!