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Posted on 30 May 2018 by

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


Any good outsourcer will tell you that going the extra mile for your clients makes all the difference. It solidifies and strengthens the client relationship and ensures cohesive and collaborative work. At RSVP we pride ourselves in the relationships that we nurture with our clients, and one great example of this is the relationship we share with one of our longest standing clients, Direct Wines Ltd, the fantastic folk behind the multiple-award winning Laithwaite’s Wine.




To be able to talk about a product range with confidence, accurate detail, and enthusiasm is vital to engaging a customer’s interest; it is the unparalleled proficiency in these skills that make our staff so special. All of our staff members working with Laithwaite’s Wine are trained in the ins and outs of the wine trade: how it is made, how to pair wine with food, how to differentiate between a huge range of various wine grapes and the regions in which they are grown. Many staff members even go on to take a secondary qualification course with the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Training). This knowledge serves our staff very well in talking with customers over the phone and combined with their natural charisma and passion as performers we are able to make sure that each customer receives the best service that we can deliver on every call.


It is because of this dedication to ensuing high-quality service that our clients value our service and our staff members so much. As a reflection of this, each year Laithwaite’s Wine invites RSVP to select some of our employees to work at their incredible London-based Vintage Wine Festival.




This annual event boasts an array of fantastic stalls where customers can try and buy phenomenal wines from all corners of the globe, enjoying a Festival-exclusive discount at the same time. RSVP staff lent their wine knowledge and interpersonal prowess to the festival, helping to man some of these stalls. It was great for our staff to be able to meet customers face-to-face and prove we’re just as good in person as we are over the phones!



Here one of our staff is talking through a customer through a tasting of ‘Got Red!’ a rich, full-bodied red wine from South Africa.


The event held several activities lead by special guests throughout the day as part of the Tasting Theatre Experience, and was hosted by the wonderful Tony Laithwaite himself, along with Hugh Johnson OBE and renowned TV personality and wine connoisseur Oz Clarke. RSVP staff even lent a hand in Tasting in the Dark Experience, donning military-style infra-red night vision goggles carefully pouring wine for guests in the pitch black for a short series of tasting experiments sampling Laithwaite’s vinicultural delights. Here customers were able to try wines without their preconceived ideas based on sight, allowing them to concentrate solely on taste and smell. Avoiding any spills was a challenge, but well worth it!


The event, as always, was a great success and we can’t wait to see what the festival will bring next year as it reaches its milestone 40th Anniversary in 2019!