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Posted on 11 March 2016

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As you may know RSVP has developed and expertise in marketing food and drink over the phone. We have a particular know-how in selling wine. We represent 4 different clients one of whom happens to be Britain’s largest mail order wine merchants and have recently received an International Wine Challenge award for Merchant of the year.

Well as you can imagine it takes a lot of hard work to keep the accounts running, and sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing with a little bit of the produce we are selling.

As a thank you for their hard work the supervisors on 7th were treated to a rather fine tipple on Thursday night (after the work was done). The guys all know their stuff about wine as all the supervisors and managers on our wine accounts have completed a diploma from the ‘Wine & Spirit Education Trust’ (WSET). The WSET culminates in an exam that tests the examinee’s on their wine and spirit knowledge, including recognising regions, the process on how of it’s made and much more. We currently have new group of staff in training and we will let you know how they get on.


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