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Posted on 25 January 2016

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It’s been a little while since we have done a cakey blog here so we thought it was about time we did the first one for the year.

Often when we talk about the cakey things at RSVP it’s about all of us getting the flour out of the cupboards and baking, but this time it was one man, one apron, acting alone.

The lovely Joe Carter decided on his day off that he was going to give everyone a treat for the last day of a campaign.  Joe has supervised on both wine and a charity account for us over the last couple of months. The archetypal cheeky chappy Joe used his day off to bake everyone 60 fairy cakes including vanilla sponge, vanilla icing and sprinkles, chocolate with chocolate stars.

Joe said “I just fancied doing something nice for everybody on the last week of campaign. We did it as an incentive and I’m pleased everyone enjoyed the cakes.”

As I’m sure you’re away RSVP is well known for its cakeyness, and Joe’s treat is a great way to start the year. We will keep you well informed of the goings on especially when the Macmillan Coffee Morning rolls round again.

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