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Posted on 30 August 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre                             

Previously I have written about Nick Tuck, who is one of our fabulous staff members who works on the Direct Wines account. He was in The Camden Fringe with a show called Cut Throat and tomorrow he is also in a show called ISABELLA at the Hastings Fringe! Gosh he has been busy!

‘ISABELLA is a devised performance piece drawing inspiration from Emily Brönte’s Wuthering Heights. The Idle Hour Theatre Company takes the character of Isabella Earnshaw and depicts the classic tale through her eyes.’

Nick will be playing the iconic character of Heathcliff and the play will be shown for one night, tomorrow, at the Hastings Fringe. ISABELLA will be on at the Stables Theatre on Wednesday 31st August at 8.30pm. Tickets are £8 and can be purchased here:

If you can’t catch the show with such late notice, ISABELLA will be on for 4 days in November also.

Please pop along if you can and show Nick some support!