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Posted on 3 August 2016 by

By Hannah Wyre

As you know, here at RSVP we love to run an incentive on our various accounts to boost team morale and keep energy and excitement levels up!

This week, the RSPB team have invented a brilliantly creative incentive for their team. They have used their initiative and noticed that lately the world has gone crazy for the new app: Pokémon Go.

With this in mind, I bring you…

RSPB – Gotta Conserve Them All!

The rules:

On a morning, the supervisors will pick four agents at random to play the game.

They are each given a handmade Poke Ball and the idea is that they throw the ball at the pictures of the animals they want to save on their tailor made board.

Behind the animal pictures is written which mystery prize they will be eligible to win – However, they first have to answer a general knowledge question. If they answer correctly, they can win either a toilet roll, a scratch card, wine, or beer.

We absolutely love how creative and imaginative the team have been, and think that this is a perfect way to enthuse the team at the beginning of the day and start the team off to a great start!