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Posted on 15 August 2018 by


By Lauren Bennett


RSVP manages the social media accounts for a variety of clients and the fact they trust us with this responsibility makes us very proud. We believe that social media is great for businesses as it is a useful way to sell not only a company and its products or services, but also offers so much more. Social media is more than just a sales pitch. Instead, it facilitates a two-way communication that allows companies to build meaningful relationships with current and potential customers.




Research shows that if you don’t jump on the social media bandwagon then you risk the chance of being left behind, in the wake of all the contact centres that do. Nowadays customers and clients like to receive an instant response to any queries, whether it is to complain about a company, or even to sing its praises; social media platforms offer this immediacy more effectively than any other service has previously.


One third of customers who interact with brands online use social media channels to complain. With that in mind, one in three social media users prefer going online to making a phone call. This is why, as a contact centre, while our telephony work will always be the forefront of operations, it is just as important to fully embrace an online presence as well.


Studies indicate that 42% of Twitter users would rather a response within one hour and only 9% of brands deliver. This is where hiring a third party contact centre such as ourselves can really help a company fulfill customer expectations, by offering a dedicated team of agents to meet these online targets.




Although we manage several social media accounts for current clients we also manage our own social media as well. Social media is extremely important to all businesses and ours is no exception.

Here at RSVP, we thrive at keeping our social media channels up to date and the channels that we use predominantly are Twitter and Instagram. Branding on social media platforms is important. A business needs to determine what the purpose of each of their social media accounts is, and what image of the business they wish to project. Social media allows a company to put out a ‘business personality’ to the world in a direct manner that allows the company to keep up to date and react to new trends as and when they happen. 




We use Twitter to engage with businesses, prospective clients and the performance industries, a relationship that sets RSVP apart from other contact centres. Our Instagram feed is used to keep our current staff up to date with the various events we run throughout the office each week, keeping staff engaged with and interested in the company’s work. However, a cross-over of content to both platforms also helps blend these two areas as well.




We have recently started using social media planning tools, which help keep our posts consistent to not only increase our online presence but also make people aware that we are successful, and have been for over 30 years. Consistency is definitely the key with any social media profile as it keeps your following high and keeps you within the social media loop. To keep our posts consistent, we use various social media planning tools such as Hoot Suite, Buffer and Tweet Deck.

We have noticed the difference that social media makes not only with our employees but also when welcoming in new business. Utilizing social media platforms and creating accounts on just one or two can expose you and your business to millions around the world. 




We even have people applying to work with us from looking at our social media profiles. This shows just how much the use of social media has evolved over the years and integrated itself deep within the business world. Moreover, even the staff that leave RSVP for acting work also continue to engage with us on social media to stay updated with the goings on of the business and support their friends and colleagues. This is great as it means that they are more likely to come back to work with us naturally off their own accord the next time they are between acting roles, as we remain in the forefront of their minds. Keeping this engagement with absent staff therefore helps to reduce recruitment and new staff training costs. Sharing is the most unique advantage of social media, people love to share various posts with their networks and we encourage that with our current staff.




An online status is highly important in a modern business environment because without it, customers and companies that might be looking at using a contact centre to work on their behalf will go elsewhere. We really can’t afford to ignore social media and as the use of these relatively new platforms continues to grow we intend to keep expanding our own online presence as well. If you want to avoid getting left behind, now is the time to get your head in the social media game!