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Posted on 10 December 2015

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That’s right the run up to Christmas has been really good to RSVP culminating in the biggest month we have ever had here.

With our expertise in food and wine it always means that Christmas is a huge time of year for us but this year has been enormous. In the 4 weeks from the 2nd of November to the 27th we had over 57’000 working hours on the phones, which means we had an average of 2000 hours per day in November. As well as this we are still recruiting throughout December so we are still expanding.

Emma from Human Resources who deals with the hours said “it is really great to see us so busy at this time year” going on to say “it’s great that company is getting so much from our staff and great that our staff are getting so much out of our company.”

We would like to thank all our agents for all the hard the work they have being doing in the run up to Christmas as well as the supervisors and the manager for their hard work too.