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Posted on 28 September 2017 by

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From hiring agents to managers to directors, the recruitment process can be stressful for both parties; especially when candidates aren’t being kept in the loop. Following these simple steps can result in you being able to pick the best of the best!


1. Be Organised & Responsive

As a candidate, there’s nothing worse than not being kept up to date with what’s going on with their application. This immediately gives them a negative impression of your business: a lack of organisation. It is essential you prevent this from happening. It seems obvious that candidates should be kept in the loop as to whether they have been successful or not, but unfortunately this is not the case with an awful lot of companies.

You should always tell applicants they will know if they have been successful or not by a specific date. And while it is, of course, understandable that this date may get pushed back and schedules may change, there is absolutely no harm in touching base with applicants and making them aware of this. It’s also good to make sure they’re still available and of course, that you’re still interested in their application.

If a candidate has not been successful with their application, it’s always very useful for them if you’re able to provide feedback. We’re not saying you need to write two A4 pages with ways they can improve, but we’re all aware of how rare it is to receive any sort of feedback, so if you’re one of the only companies able to do this, it reflects a positive image and the applicant will likely recommend your company to others, even though they haven’t been successful.


 2. Know How to Advertise

It is very important that you advertise available positions within the company properly. This could be the first time candidates hear about your business when they come across an advert, so you want to give them a great impression from the word go. Make sure you advertise the job for what it really is. Don’t tell candidates it’s the easiest job in the world if it isn’t. It’s far better if you are honest and tell them realistically what the position entails.

If you’re able to, it’s also great if you’re able to offer some decent company benefits. A certain number of annual leave days is a given; but things like gym memberships, ability to purchase more annual leave, medical insurance, pension scheme etc. are all great little perks that will help increase the amount of applications you receive.


3. Keep Current Staff Happy

At RSVP, we mostly receive applications through word of mouth. We think this is a great way to meet potential new employees as they tend to already have a truthful idea of how the company works. And let’s face it – there is no stronger recommendation than word of mouth! We also offer a referral bonus to current staff when they recommend our company to someone and that someone starts working here. This doesn’t have to be much but it encourages your employees to spread the word about your business!

As our company is very unique, the flexibility we provide for hopeful actors sells itself, so we are constantly receiving applications from people wanting to work with us. But the flexibility isn’t the only aspect that makes RSVP a fantastic place to work – we have a great atmosphere in the office because people genuinely enjoy being here. If you can keep your current staff happy, they are bound to recommend your company to friends and family.

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