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Posted on 11 June 2018 by

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


It is a well-known fact that a dog is man’s best friend, and it seems that they are a contact centre’s best friend too! We often have one particularly well-behaved canine visitor to RSVP, and she goes by the name of Pecan, the little pup of one of our account managers. She is quiet but friendly, and her big brown eyes will make anyone’s heart melt; she is always a very welcome guest in our London HQ.


According to Stephen Colarelli, a psychologist at the Central Michigan University, the presence of dogs in a human environment lowers a person’s stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure and also increases co-operation and other positive behaviours among members of work groups. At RSVP we couldn’t agree more, and seeing our little furry guest, Pecan, in the office never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.


It is because of this that we wanted to make our next fund raising event in aid of the Dogs Trust, (formerly the NCDL), the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Each year the Dogs Trust looks after 15 000 dogs through its network of 20 rehoming centres and its long history has been fighting for canine safety and welfare for over a century, having been involved in every piece of legislation in the UK that has affected dogs for the past 126 years.




With our sugar levels still through the roof after a particularly successful bake sale a few weeks ago, this time we decided to opt for a lottery-style raffle, with half of the money raised going to the person who purchased the lucky winning ticket, the other half going straight to the Dogs Trust.



Here is Pecan hard at work designing the posters for the raffle.


The tickets sold well throughout the week, and our final total reached £156.60, half for our prize winner and the other half for our friends at the Dogs Trust.

Tension mounted as the 4 o’clock draw drew closer and closer. The tickets were carefully folded, placed in their box and shaken furiously to make sure they were as mixed up as they possible could be.



Our concierge Dan excitedly reaching in for the winning ticket.


The master of ceremonies and enthusiastic ticket drawer, Dan Cherry, the RSVP London concierge plunged his hand into the ticket box, ready to make someone’s weekend even brighter. He pulled out one singular pink slip and gingerly unfolded it to reveal the prize winning number.

And the winner was… NUMBER 183!



The winning ticket, number 183!



The winning ticket belonged to one of our lovely agents Marko, who works with one of our long-established food gourmet food clients. Enjoy your prize Marko; try not to spend it all at once!

The Dogs Trust is a wonderful charity, one that we are very happy to support. The Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog down, so if you would like to rehome or sponsor a dog, or even donate to the charity yourself, please do check out the Dogs Trust’s website here:


Sadly, not all dogs are as lucky and as loved as Pecan is at RSVP, but the Dogs Trust is helping to make sure that every dog in the UK can find somewhere safe to live where they will be cared for properly. Thank you Dogs Trust for all your hard work, and thank you Pecan for helping to make the office the fun and friendly place that it is.