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Posted on 1 December 2016 by

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We love Christmas here at RSVP.... Any excuse for a bit of glitter!!


We thought you would like to take a look at the myriad of decorations that we have in place, so here they are one floor at a time!


The 7th floor got their decorations up first  - they are an eager bunch!!

IMG 2855IMG 2852IMG 2850IMG 2854IMG 2853

5th floor Sales got their Christmas groove on in style!

IMG 2860IMG 2856IMG 2858IMG 2857


We got our big tree up in the foyer.....


Foyer Tree


Our MD even got in on the act!

IMG 2864IMG 2863


We got a bit jealous over in the HR/RSVP section of the office so we thought we would join in :D

IMG 2849IMG 2837

Check out Glinda at the top of the tree!  Courtesy of one of our mums :D

IMG 2836


However we all agree that the decorations on the 6th floor outdo us all!  Courtesy of Lizzie, Jim and the 6th floor team we present our Traditional Christmas Fiesta!

IMG 2845IMG 2841IMG 2840IMG 2839IMG 2843IMG 2842

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Gallery!

Have a great festive season :D