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Posted on 12 July 2016 by

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By Hannah Wyre


Hillarys inventive incentive!

Here at RSVP we work with lots of great companies, one being Hillarys!

James, who is our account manager for Hillarys, has come up with a fantastic incentive/competition to help pull in those appointments and boost morale.

They have called it...

‘What’s behind the blind?’


There are two teams - Romans and Venetians (sticking with the blinds theme here guys!)

Both teams will be set a target for the morning and whichever team beats the target, or gets closest to it, goes forward into the afternoon challenge.

The afternoon challenge consists of answering as many general knowledge questions as possible in 60 seconds and for every correct answer given, you get to ‘open a blind’.

You then open the particular number of blinds which you won access to, and you and your team have 30 seconds to decide what image is hidden behind the blind.

Whichever team, Romans or Venetians, has got to the final challenge the most that week and scored the most points is rewarded with FUN FRIDAY!

Fun Friday includes things such as cakes, drinks, sweets – you get the picture.

PLUS - running every day on Hillarys - whichever team member has made the most amount of appointments wins a bottle of wine!

PLUS PLUS – Whichever team has won the most amount of challenges for the month, gets to pick a fun activity – such as SPLAT THE BOSS (Don’t panic folks, I intend to capture this picture as soon as I can!)

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