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Posted on 28 July 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

At RSVP, we work for a variety of companies which hire us to help deal with their inflow of customer service calls or contact their previous and existing customers to offer them fantastic deals to keep their custom.

One of the great companies we currently work for is, Hello Fresh. They are a brilliant company which people can subscribe to if they wish to have fresh ingredients delivered to their door every week alongside delicious recipes to inspire.

At the moment, our Hello Fresh team is running a fantastic incentive for our staff members called Surprise Surprise…

Our teams are always great at aiming for targets and pushing themselves to get the results needed, however, we feel it’s always nice to treat them in return for their hard work!

With this in mind, the Surprise Surprise incentive involves those people who reach their targets for the day or in a power hour for example, and they each get to pick an envelope. The envelopes are colour coded and determine which prizes they could potentially win - ranging from: sweets, wine, Hello Fresh meals or sometimes even a double prize for the lucky ones! (Sounds good to me.)

Have fun guys, and good luck!! 


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