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Posted on 4 August 2016 by

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By Hannah Wyre

Our fabulous agent Conor Bolton who works on our Secret Escapes account, has written an original short thriller (Glass Half Empty) that is due to be filmed late August in Dublin!

To be able to proceed and produce the final product, TApes Media (the independent production crew) have set up a crowd funding campaign which will enable them to raise the funds they need to make this project super successful…

Who are TApes Media and why do they need your help?

‘TApes Media are a lively and ambitious independent production crew based in Dublin, Ireland. Glass Half Empty is a genre breaking first for TApes Media who up until now specialized in all things horror and the supernatural.

Founded by Angel Croitor and Samuel Flynn; they have assembled a team of hard working and dedicated professionals who have gained a strong following through their YouTube web series "Krypt Tapes" and are in post-production with their first short film "Forgive Me Father" as part of the web series.

Up until now TApes media have sourced much of their own funding. Most of this is due to the highly resourceful crew they have assembled who even build their equipment from scratch if needs be. However Glass Half Empty's powerful, immersive, and demanding story will not allow them to do any less then the best.

With your contributions it will help us source most of what we need which includes film equipment, props, catering, transport, and few bits of cinema magic that will let us deliver our project to you in all it's glory!

We know sometimes it's just not possible to contribute money. However, there are other ways you can help such as simply sharing this campaign on your social media page and helping us get the word out there!’

The link to the crowd funding page is below if you are able to contribute, the team would be so so grateful.

There is a range of brilliant perks of donating to this projext such as receiving a copy of the film, an invitation to the premiere, joining them on set, and becoming one of the producers! 

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