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Posted on 28 June 2018 by

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By Lauren Bennett & Richard Lawrence-Allen


As an outsourcer, it is vital to establish a firm foundation with our clients on which to build a study and long-lasting relationship. Here at RSVP, we are always welcoming new businesses and over the years have become quite adapt and forging these bonds with new clients in no time at all.


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To look further at this process, we spoke to one of our fabulous account managers, John Bell, who not too long ago was a key player in getting one of our newest client accounts up and running. The client in question is a UK-based online comparison service. Founded in 2000, this company compares a range of services, including energy, personal finance, insurance and communications services, and helps their customers to switch ensuring they are getting the best possible prices. RSVP have been working with their electricity and gas comparisons, an area that is heavily regulated by government regulator OFGEM, and so establishing trust with the client that we are capable over working with transparency to these strict guidelines was essential.


John, who unlike the vast majority of our staff whose backgrounds are in acting, has spent the majority of his working life in business, even running his own business at one time and holds a Professional Business Qualification AICM(Grad). According to John, the first part of establishing a good relationship with a new client is gaining an insight and a clear understanding of what the client wishes to achieve, managing those expectations and agreeing timescales for development and growth. Building a firm and trustful relationship with clients from the offset is truly important. This enables you to freely discuss ways in which to drive the business forward with clients, whether targets are being surpassed, or at times when things are harder and targets are more difficult to reach. This makes sure that you are working together with the client at all times to achieve the same result and exceed expectations, resulting in long-lasting and close business relationship.



 Above is a photo of John hard at work!

Once our mutual goals are established, aside from the technical requirements of constructing call flows, scheduling proper training, sourcing data and/or setting up DDIs (dependent on whether it is an inbound or outbound campaign), the next step is to identify the correct agents for the team. Here at RSVP, all of our telephony agents are professionally trained performers, and so all of our staff members have excellent general skills and telephone manner, however, different personalities and voice qualities lend themselves better to different clients. This means that staff members need to be carefully selected during the recruitment process, and with internal company movement, with a specific campaign in mind, to ensure the right agent is given to the right account.  John believes that it is our agents that are most important assets, not just in client relationships, but in the business as a whole, and we couldn’t agree more. Rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) plays a great role in ensuring agents are selected for campaigns correctly, and is especially important for accounts such as John’s where agents must be compliant to government regulations at all time. A strong emphasis on QA helps to cement trust from the client.


John believes that in order to strengthen the client-outsourcer relationship, the client should also get to know the agents on the phones personally; who they are and what they do. This, along with true transparency and regular communication, is vital to the client-outsourcer bond and instils an ethos that RSVP is truly an extension of the client rather than a completely separate entity.


At RSVP, we pride ourselves on the close bonds that we share with our clients, both on a business and personal level, and it is our staff, agents on the phone, as well as managers such as John that help us do this. Many thanks to John for speaking with us this month!


uswitch team photo

Above is photo of John and some of his team that he works with daily.