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Posted on 27 November 2015


After many weeks of training, meetings on tactics and clean living the RSVP Dodgeball team had it's first game.

The arena was Go Mammoth in Whitechapel, the opposing team were the red shorts ,the game was on. Had all the hard work paid off? in a word, no. Unfortunately in their first outing in two a bests of 5 the RSVP team lost 3-2, 3-2. Although this was a loss, the novice RSVP team played very well and took to within one set every match.

One of the team Lizzie had this to say "it was shame we lost but I was pleased with the performance of the gang. We only cam here for a bit of fun but I am glad we were able to compete"

Well the only way is up as they say good luck for next time and we will of course keep you updated with the scores on the doors.