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Posted on 13 November 2015

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Stevie our Director of Resources has now become a world record holder. It took a lot of training and dedication to get to this point, but he is now in one of 500 people who are the world record holders for the largest group Penguin Waddle over 2km. That’s right Stevie is a world class penguin waddler.

 Him and his friend donned the outfit and walked the 2km to city hall and broke the world record set last year by Richard House, who were the ones behind the event.  Richard House is a children’s hospice set up 15 years ago in Beckton, if you would like to find out more then have a look at their website

Stevie said “it was great fun and I can’t wait to get my certificate, I am really pleased that we could raise all this money for this fantastic hospice”

Well done Stevie and all those who participated in the dress up and I’m sure you can do even more next year.IMG 1173