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Posted on 13 March 2014 by

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Prizes ranged from a cup of vegetable soup from the RSVP vending machine all the way up to a meal for two with Champagne at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant!

The top sellers on each account had a chance to pick a box with RSVP’s trio of budding Noel Edmunds wannabes (Dean, Charlie and James) running the show. The banker… Account Manager Tom McLeod then offered the contestants the chance to swap their box for something else. Generally the banker lost, much to the annoyance of the management team and the delight of the agents.

i-talk top seller Emily won the top prize and will soon be enjoying a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s with Dara on PPL picking up a Thames river cruise with canapés! Spare a thought for Marcia though who ended up with a pack of tea bags and Louisa on Countrywide who won the infamous vegetable soup!

Check back with us next month for the new incentive… Lindsay’s Lake and Parris’ Pond!! Until then, the question still remains……’Deal or No Deal’!