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Posted on 25 October 2018 by

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen

Last week saw the UK celebrate its 14th consecutive National Chocolate Week, the UK's largest celebration of everyone's favourite sweet treat, chocolate! The week saw different events held all over the country, with top chocolatiers, chocolate companies, hotels, bars and restaurants offering talks, demonstrations, exclusive products, recipes and, most importantly, tastings, to chocolate fans up and down the country!




RSVP did not want to be left out of all the chocolatey fun either and so we used this opportunity to get our fundraising hats on once again. The passion for chocolate is real in the office and our Concierge, Dan, put his creativity to work, creating a bespoke, chocoholic’s dream of a hamper, stuffed full of chocolatey goodies to make even the strictest of health food advocates go weak at the knees. 




The hamper was proudly put on display in our reception area for the duration of Chocolate Week, under the watchful guard of Dan, keeping the drooling faces at bay. If anyone wanted to dig their teeth into the hamper's goodies they would have to win it in our raffle. Tickets cost 50p for one or £2.00 for a row of five.


This time around, inspired by recent news articles regarding planetary environmental change, our fund raising efforts are being channelled into the WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature. 





A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), bringing together the findings from over 6000 research papers, has highlighted the real and immediate threat that climate change poses to people and nature. A rise in global temperatures of just 1.5°C could lead to catastrophic effects and the impact of climate change, which we are already experiencing today, will become inevitably worse unless we act now.


WWF UK is committed to making sure that the UK, as a wealthy and developed country, does it's part to achieve  global net-zero carbon emissions before 2050, and before our impact on the environment does any further lasting damage.


The WWF is at the forefront of campaigning to drive policy and legislation changes in the UK and is working to ensure that the government is held to account for reducing the nation's carbon emissions. The WWF focuses in 3 main areas: power, transport and buildings, accounting for 90% of UK emissions. The burning of fossil fuels to make electricity accounts for the UK’s biggest source of CO2 emissions. WWF UK is working to ensure that we can transition smoothly into an efficient, sustainable energy system, focused on clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power.




A great cause mixed with a great lust for chocolate, the chocolate hamper certainly garnered a lot of attention in the office and in total, combining raffle ticket sales, along with some extra donations kindly added on top, we raised a grand total of £167.23.


The draw was held with an impartial adjudicator at hand and the prize went to our very own Recruitment Officer and Social-Media Co-Ordinator, Lauren. Lauren had generously donated and purchased a total of 25 raffle tickets in all, someone definitely wanted that prize and it paid off!



Congratulations Lauren, don’t eat it all at once!



If you would like learn more about the WWF and help support their work, you can find more information, along with detailed information about the impact climate change is having on our world, check out their website here: