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Posted on 4 September 2017 by

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Many entrepreneurs have stereotyped outsourcing solutions as a strategy only practical for bigger businesses. It’s a stereotype long gone and for some small firms, has made a powerful impact on their growth, productivity and long lived success.

One of the key reasons for outsourcing is the fast and inevitable development of technology. Technology and IT is an incredibly specific element to any business that requires the expertise and knowledge of professional who can adapt systems and networks to function properly. It certainly isn’t something that everyone can keep up with or understand fully. Small businesses tend to use outsourcing for technological developments because it allows professionals to work from anywhere in the world alongside the availability and accessibility of highly qualified professionals. 

Taking the first step to outsourcing can be time consuming and appear to be rather daunting, especially when you find it hard to let go of tasks you believe only you can complete to your businesses required standards. However, figuring out how to build your business with help from outside professionals can offer increased efficiencies and economies of large scale. Ambitious and progressive entrepreneurs realise the power behind outsourcing in order to handle aspects of work they simply couldn’t complete or don’t understand themselves. Outsourcing can allow smaller businesses to compete with the top dogs in the market directly and potentially win.

So when is it right to outsource?

The right time to outsource differs for each and every company. Some companies may have a team of staff in-house but need a little extra help or man power to complete and undertake a new project. Sometimes this doesn’t justify employing brand new staff, so outsourcing becomes and more practical solutions. You may have such a growing work load that you find you no longer have enough hours in the day to complete it all yourself. You may feel like the only person who can complete the work to specification. However, if you want your business to grow you must learn to let go and start delegating. With the right attitude, your decision to choose outsourcing can pays off big time for you - you just need to choose the right outsourcers with the appropriate industry professionals to provide the high quality work you require.

What to outsource?

You may already be outsourcing parts of your business and these fays you can outsource almost any task. However, just because you can outsource it doesn’t mean you should. Don’t outsource a task just because you don’t want to do it. Some tasks are important to complete internally to improve your core business. Before deciding on what to outsource, reflect on your businesses strengths and weaknesses and what it is that makes your stand out in comparison to you competitors. If you focus your energy on your competencies and capabilities you can strengthen your resources and management in order to become the best in the market. Outsourcing any aspect of these tasks would be a big mistake as you fail to offer anything that can’t be found from someone else. For example, if your business focuses on product design you should not outsource any work related to your internal design talent or their design activities.  On the other hand, they should consider outsourcing other elements of the businesses such as tangential processes; pay roll, IT, accounting and bookkeeping etc.

The types of tasks best suited to outsourcing can be categorised into three separate sectors:

  • Highly skilled of Executive expertise
  • Highly repetitive tasks
  • Specialised knowledge

Highly skilled of Executive expertise- You may not need to have a permanent position in-house for and expert. It’s very costly and most of the time not necessary. You may just need to bring an expert in when you need them in order for them to provide their services when necessary which inevitably cuts costs.

Highly repetitive tasks –Unlike an expert or highly skilled individual, highly repetitive tasks require I constant team or work force.  Data entry or customer service are just two examples of tasks that may fall into this category.

Specialised knowledge- Most relevant example for this could be IT support for your in-house computing systems or network. You might not need them full time but find it easier to change to an outsourced IT person with the right skills your IT needs.

RSVP works as an outsourced call centre providing a wide variety of services to businesses, from smaller start-up companies to globally known industry professionals. You’ll find almost all of our services fit into one of the above categories, all of which we have mastered for over 25 years. At the heart of our success are our people. We pride ourselves on employing the best, and we believe there are no better people for a job rooted in communication than Actors. RSVP recruit from the vibrant community of performers in London, using their highly developed skills as communicators to support our proven high quality service. Our agents have trained, on average, for three years in vocal production and active listening, adapting themselves to many varied roles. This provides them with the resources to connect with all walks of life, using their natural empathy to match whoever they speak to, making every call a positive, personal experience.

Our expertise in understanding the demographic of your customers and their demands is proven to help your company grow, adapt and strengthen the brand identity.

If you are looking for a unique solution to your contact centre campaigns that will shine a spotlight on your company and make you stand out from the crowd, you are looking for RSVP!