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Posted on 25 November 2019

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


Businesses, like gardens, will only thrive and grow if they are lovingly nurtured and fed. This takes care and an expert touch of course. Here at RSVP our dedicated Business Development Department, headed by our Director of Business Development, Simon Christie, is devoted to ensuring RSVP goes from strength to strength. Business needs shift as a business and the financial environment around it changes and evolves. A Business Development team can lead a company through everchanging marketplaces and allow the company to continue in its growth.




To learn more about the ins and outs of our Business Development Department here at RSVP, we caught up with Ainhoa Barrio, the latest addition to the BD team and our new Business Development Manager.




Firstly, what exactly is a Business Development Manager?

A Business Development Manager is the person in charge of generating new business for a company; finding new leads and turning them into clients so the company can continue operations and potentially grow.


What does the Business Development Manager role consist of exactly? As in what do you as part of your job?

First, I research the companies that we want to attract to RSVP and potentially partner with. I find the decision makers and message them explaining who we are and how we may support their businesses. If they’re interested, then we meet, invite them to visit our lovely office here in Canary Wharf and do a full pitch where we go into more detail about how our offering may suit their needs.  Once the project is greenlit and the formal agreements are signed, the project is passed on to the Operations Team for implementation.


What made you apply to work as our Business Development Manager? Have you had experience in business development before?

I had done similar work in the past and I really enjoyed the pitching aspect of it. I used to work for a production company here in London as a Development Producer. I researched broadcasters here in the UK and abroad and then scheduled meetings to pitch them our projects. Before that, when I was in Spain, I was a supervisor at a call centre in Barcelona. So with the two experiences together, I thought it might be a good fit.


How long have you worked at RSVP?

I have been at working at RSVP for 1.5 years I am a photographer which is what brought me to the company initially. I started working on one of the telesales accounts selling wine where I proudly achieved my WSET2 certificate. Then I moved into customer reactivation work with one of our gourmet food accounts until I started in this new position.


What are your long-term goals as part of this position? What do you plan to achieve for RSVP going forward?

I would love to bring in a good range of clients to RSVP, a mix of continuous and temporary campaigns. On the wish list are start-ups and fintech companies, e-commerce and luxury brands to name a few. What’s important is to find companies with similar values that appreciate the savoir-faire that RSVP has developed over its 30-year history.


Many thanks to Ainhoa for taking the time out of her busy day to speak with us. We’re very excited to see all the exciting new prospects that will be heading our way in the near future!