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Posted on 16 November 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre 

Yesterday was a very special day here in the office, we had not just one birthday, but two!! 

It was the lovely Richard's birthday - our recruitment officer - who took the day off to treat himself and a friend to a spa day to relax. (Sounds amazing, right?!) He has assured us today that he had a fantastic day whilst having a lava stone massage! The HR team decorated his desk for him to come into this morning, and he was definitely a very happy Richard!! 

IMG 7180IMG 7179IMG 7178


Yesterday, it was also the wonderful Peter's birthday - one of the account managers. He was in work for his birthday so his team all chipped in to buy him a big chocolate cake!! Lucky guy! I think it's safe to say he looks extremely happy with his cake!

Peter 2Peter 1