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Posted on 1 July 2015

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The final curtain has come down on Roar Edge's fantastic 'Bedding Belle'.

One of our guys has been working on this show since it's conception and we were so proud to have got behind it.

We believe that having a presence in the Fringe might have a real benefit for RSVP; not only are we supporting one of our favourite things, but we are also able to reach potential newbies!

The Fringe theatre is a wonderful but treacherous world. Some of the best work out there takes place on The Fringe, but the vast majority of it is unpaid. So, how do you afford to do it? You find a job that understands and who will never make you chose your job over your career. Like us!

The Roar Edge Team absolutely smashed it! We were very proud!

Here's our advert in their very moving programme:

IMG 6486IMG 6487IMG 6488