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Posted on 2 September 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

Sophia Young, one of our lovely RSPB agents has recently been rehearsing after work non-stop for a production of Alice in Wonderland!

The show opens today and Sophia is mega excited to be playing the Queen of Hearts! She hasn’t had a role such as this before and I believe she has thoroughly enjoyed the new challenge.

The production is on at the lovely Tilgate Park in Crawley and will be performed in the Walled Garden (how lush does that sound?!)

‘On a lonely Summer afternoon, with her friends glued to their IPhones, Alice enters an old curiosity shop and slips far, far away into a very strange Wonderland. An annually held, and deadly, competition is in mid swing and Alice finds herself unwittingly entered as a contestant! How did she get there?  What are the Queen's Trials? Why is it always tea time and what is the Queen of Hearts hiding? Only one thing is certain: Wonderland is in trouble and Alice must question everything she thinks she knows in order to help her friends and find a way home.

Join Alice and Unmasked as they explore a new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's timeless and brilliant Alice novels, with a dark and haunting twist. Set in Tilgate Park's beautiful walled gardens, be prepared for absolutely anything as Unmasked take you on a literary journey through to the other side!’

If you would like to book tickets the website is:

The performances are today (Friday 2nd September) at both 2.00pm and 7.30pm, Saturday 3rd September at 2.00pm and 7.30pm and also Sunday 4th September 3.00pm.

Please do go along if you can and continue to appreciate every one’s creative pursuits outside of work! 

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