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Posted on 25 May 2015 by

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The summer is here! Which means three things for RSVP; firstly, the number of pasty-white legs on display in the office goes through the roof; secondly, we need more new recruits than there are bicycles in Beijing; and finally, we lose loads of wonderful staff to exciting creative projects.

So we thought it would be nice to let you in on some of the projects that our staff have left us to go and do!

We’ve been working with Creatives for a long time now and over the years we have seen our staff go on to work in some seriously cool projects. Where to begin!? Well, let’s start with television. We’ve had more staff on Eastenders than I’ve had hot dinners! From evil villains to lesbian lovers, we have seen some of our talented staff grace our television sets. More recently we’ve had one of our guys appearing in Peaky Blinders, Casualty, The Village and many more. My favourite TV job of all has to be Bungle the Bear… Bungle the BLOODY BEAR worked with us! Gotta Love ‘Rainbow’!  We’ve also had a number of our guys appear as contestants on shows like ‘How to solve a problem Like Maria’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Moving onto Theatre! Treading our boards, we’ve had the original Simba, who later appeared in Jesus Christ Superstar. We’ve had principals from Memphis, Joseph, The Commitments, Beautiful the Carol King Musical and Wicked while away their days between gigs. One guy appeared at The National in Hamlet, another in Britannia Waves the Rules and countless peeps performing in all of London’s prestigious fringe venues.

Film-wise, we’ve had our hardnuts appear in both of ‘The Krays’ Films, Mission Impossible 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to name just a few. 

We’ve had bands go on to sign contracts with Sony and go on international tours, others with features in National Music magazines and even more with regular slots in gin dens and wine cellars around the Big Smoke.

We’ve even had the Spoken Word UK champion work here for a time!

I could go on, but I’m tired and it’s sunny outside…

But as you can see, RSVP isn’t a place where creatives come to die. We are always seeing the backs of successful freelancers as the head off to bigger and better things! And the best thing about it for us … they come back again!