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Posted on 30 June 2016 by

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Here at RSVP we strive for quality across all of our accounts and campaigns, and on our Which? account we have a gentlemen who's job it is to listen to every call made and make sure the quality is perfect. This man's name is Chris Lane.


Chris L

Look at that legendary facial hair! Now Chris is in a band (something you may have picked up on by the guitar he's holding) and that band just performed a very futurist gig at the Southbank Centre in South-East London.


The award winning Shama Rahman Band led by sitarist, singer and composer Shama Rahman, known for mixing music from English, Bengali, Bulgarian and West African folk traditions (adding in jazz and urban beats) brought the latest tech to the forefront of their performance by wearing gloves for the performance, allowing them create music and control the visuals live with gestures, rather than pre-programming it on a computer.

Chris and Band


Chris' awesome guitar skills are included in their upcoming album 'Truth be Told' and the full article about his futurist gig can be read by clicking on the link below.


Good luck Chris!