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Posted on 3 August 2015 by

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At RSVP we always like to make sure we build close relationships with our clients and last week one of our food accounts invited us to go and see them at their offices for training.

Nine of our agents, with account supervisor Dan, travelled out to Oxford Street to their offices. The client was looking to work with us more closely as they wanted to make sure that there was no distinction in the customers mind whether they are talking to one our agents or one of their own. This is important especially when you work what is known as ‘Welcome Calls’ which is in an outbound customer service practice, where you call new customers and answer any question they have about the service or solve any problems they have been having.

Speaking to Dan about working with the clients he said that “RSVP and client cohesion should be at an all-time high” going on to say “it is really important that our agents fully understand the ethos and branding of a company to help assimilate them to the language used and service provided.”  Dan also said that the day was really enjoyable and that the food accounts always love going out to see their clients and maintaining good relationships.

We have been working with this account since their inception and supported their growth in to being one of the largest food delivery providers in the UK. Recently we have been doing such a good job that they have expanded the team size threefold with an eye to expand even further. We both cultivate new customers for the client as well maintaining the relationships the client already has with their core consumers.   Look at the happy faces :D