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Posted on 15 July 2015

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At RSVP we do like to talk about how brilliant the staff are, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. We have some absolutely wonderful creative talent here and it seems that our clients agree with us as well. Here are some snippets from emails sent from our clients about our staff.


“I’m really impressed & very touched by your & the team’s enthusiasm towards the campaign :) To see the level of dedication shown by your team is fantastic!”


“It is still a young business and we are still finding our feet in terms of marketing messaging and working out the right sales strategy.  That said, RSVP has been material in getting us to where we are now and I am most grateful to you and the your team for the work you have done to date.”


“Can I also just say that the session with the team yesterday was brilliant and they are a credit to you and your team leaders. The level of engagement with the calibration session was really great to see and I really enjoyed talking with everyone.”


"Please thank Gemma and the team and also pass on special thanks to the call agent of the last call as this was dealt with really well, providing the required level of empathy and patience with our customer."


 “Just wanted to share a call Adam took the other day. He actually spoke to one of the co-founders and the CEO of the American division. He said that Adam “Nailed the Call”.

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“Lovely! Well done Hampus. You showed exactly the right spirit and attitude, thank you.”


“I just wanted to take a minute and ask you to pass a big "well done" and "thank you" to an Agent who handled the first two calls. It is flawless selling like this that both keeps our businesses going… it is a testimony to all the hard work all of you do on a daily basis. Well done and thank you!”


We work very closely with our clients and it is always great to hear that they appreciate the work of our staff as much as we do. We always try and make sure our calls are up to the high standards we set for ourselves and it's great to hear that it is coming across to the people we work with.