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Our List of Acting Coaches in London

Acting isn’t a career for the faint-hearted. To survive and thrive, you need dedication, determination, patience, people-skills, and, yes, acting ability. And even with all these qualities, your chances of becoming a household name are pretty slim. That’s the reality. However, there are options to help you load the dice in your favour. Above all, being prepared and professional could see you leaving competing hopefuls in your tracks. And in being prepared, acting coaches could be your secret weapon.

Before we begin, let’s distinguish between acting teachers and coaches. Teachers will very likely have a class, with you being only one more student in the group. You’ll learn valuable skills, but they may not target precisely what you want to achieve. Coaches, on the other hand, give you one on one attention, and their training will target specific opportunities you’re hoping to grab. For example, you’re auditioning for an acting school or a role, or you’ve got a role and want to make it memorable.

Needless to say, coaching doesn’t come cheaply. So, if you’re considering exploring your talent with the help of a coach, you’ll want nothing but the best: someone with a proven track-record. Which acting coaches in London can offer what you’re looking for? Let’s explore!

Gary Condés: Acting Coach With a Proven Track-Record

If you’re looking for an acting coach with impressive credentials, Gary may be the man you’re looking for. With a history of training actors for roles in TV blockbusters like Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, and Outlander, Gary has an impressive track record. He can help you with anything from preparing for casting and making your own self-tapes to on-location coaching. If you’re staring that big opportunity in the face and want to be at your best, the investment could prove worthwhile – provided you’ve got what it takes to make the most of it!
Find out more about Gary Condés

Richard Delaney: Find Your Individuality

From stage to screen and from voiceovers to lead roles, Richard has done it all. And if you need further proof of his skill, you need only look at the fact that he’s an international voice in the theatrical arts. Getting one on one coaching time with this individualist who recognizes that each actor is different may be difficult. But Richard offers online acting coaching too. He’s especially famous for his movement training – so say what you need to say in your role. Body language matters too!
Find out more about Richard Delaney

Giles Foreman: Acting Coach for Stage or Screen

Does stage acting require greater skill than screen acting? It’s arguable. But whichever way you would answer this question, Giles Foreman knows the secrets to both stage and screen success. From Shakespeare on the boards to dramatic TV series, Giles has made his mark. Could you be his next big coaching success? He hosts several guest acting coaches in London as well as offering inspiring coursework for actors.
Find out more about Giles Foreman

Jude Alderson: Training and Opportunities

No list of private acting coaches in London would be complete without Jude Alderson. She’s a writer, director and actor with the standing you only get from decades in the business. And she’s ready to coach talented hopefuls, even creating opportunities for talented students. Discover your strengths and play to them. It could be the recipe you need for a successful career in the performing arts – none of which are strangers to this versatile professional.
Find out more about Jude Alderson

Fay Beck: Reach Outside Yourself

We recently discussed method acting, but it has its critics. The Meisner Technique differs from method acting, which requires you to reach inside yourself, and calls on you to reach outside yourself. Fay Beck is one of its most renowned proponents, and besides offering group classes, she’s also available for one-on-one coaching for actors in London. Faye works through you to find a realistic portrayal of the character you want to act. It’s no easy process, but Fay has the experience to lead you through it to what may well be your most memorable performance.
Find out more about Fay Beck

Kieran Vyas: Collaborative Coaching

The best coaches give you the tools to take control and pilot your own success, and that’s the core of Kieran’s approach. With a career that spans theatre, TV and film, he has the ability to hone in on each medium and bring out the best in the actors he works with. From West End theatres to the RSC, and from the BBC to Netflix, Kieran has coached numerous actors in high-profile roles as well as those who are right at the beginning of their training. He delivers 1-to-1 coaching both face-to-face and online.
Find out more about Kieran Vyas

Reach for the Dream

There’s little doubt that reaching for the dream means going the extra mile, and that mile could be an expensive investment. The best acting coaches in London don’t come cheap, and that cost comes on top of your living expenses and your regular acting classes. If your family is willing to support you as you work towards a successful acting career, you’re in the minority. So how can you afford private acting coaches when you really need that extra bit of help in order to succeed? 

RSVP Careers offers you an opportunity to practice your acting skills as a member of a unique call centre that actively recruits aspiring actors. Learn how to understand your audience. Build empathy. Create memorable experiences for audiences of one. If you can do it over the phone, you’re sure to succeed in contexts where body language and facial expression form part of the package and where one becomes many. Plus, you get paid for it! 

Are you ready to reach for your dream? We’re ready to help you build its foundation. Contact us today – and don’t forget to mention that you’re an aspiring actor! Unlike most businesses, we’ll take your hopes and dreams seriously!


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