About the Subscriptions industry

Throughout life it is a fact that each and every one of us will purchase a subscription at some point. Whether that is to a magazine or publication, film service, gym membership or even an online help service we all need these regular services or subscriptions to fulfill our on-going needs. The market is congested with so many companies in each field it is vital to know that your subscriber base is bigger than your biggest competitors. RSVP’s expertise in the subscriptions industry not only ensures you have the know-how and the means to increase your subscriber base through specific marketing channels but also increases your retention meaning customers keep coming back for your product month on month or year on year rather than switching to another company. The Subscriptions industry is all about repeat business, a subscription; as a company you want your customers coming back for more. It is not only about the one off sale but the all-important pay up. What makes your product more appealing than the next is vital and how that is conveyed to the consumer is something that RSVP agents are the best at. The first interaction with a brand is what often keeps someone coming back for me and can make or break a subscriptions campaign. 

RSVP work with a number of leading subscription services because of this very reason. The results that RSVP’s clients have seen when it comes to repeat business or purchases outperform other channels and agencies they have used before.  

RSVP's Services

The biggest subscriptions industry we work and specialize in is the publishing industry. RSVP work for all the major magazine publishers in the UK and some of the biggest newspaper brands as well. RSVP are well known amongst the biggest brands and are recognized amongst publishers as the UK’s number one agency for the amount of unique subscriptions they generate every year. There are a number of services RSVP offer when it comes to subscription sales. RSVP can firstly generate new subscribers for a client. This can be across a variety of different channels based on a client’s target demographic. This will also balance the highest response rates but also the best quality of customers; the customers that will come back for more and keep their subscription running. RSVP is also able to utilize a client’s existing database of customers. They can use current subscribers and x-sell other subscriptions into them. These customers are already consistently paying for a product so they are a good target group to start with. Lapsed customers can be targeted too through bespoke Win-Back campaigns, again, a target group that have had an experience with a subscription before and through RSVP’s conversational approach can often be put back onto a subscription. Competition or other data that has been collected by clients can also be tested as well. RSVP will always look at where data is sourced from or gathered and create the best campaign for their clients based on this.  

How you will benefit

RSVP’s agents and creativity around their bespoke campaigns make them a huge success amongst subscription based clients. The conversational approach their agents take when selling in a subscription really gives the customers a sense that they are not just buying into a subscription or product but are buying into a brand. This approach paves the way for customers to keep on paying for a client’s product. It also gives RSVP’s clients the edge on their competitors as the power of “word of mouth” is still as strong as any marketing channel being used in the industry today.  



“Getting people to buy into a subscription comes quite naturally to me. I am able to be myself as I work on products that allow me to talk about them passionately and I genuinely feel that the subscription they have bought is something they truly desire. I know they will keep on buying that product which is very satisfying indeed! ”

- Nicola, RSVP Call Handler

Daily Mirror

““Thanks for the analysis and detail – some great figures"”

- DP, Manager Trinity Mirror

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