About the Business Sales & Service Industry

The business to business sales and service industry is a highly competitive and congested market place meaning that business sales offerings have to stand out  and business services have to be exemplary. RSVP have decades of experience in this field, working with the business arms of well-known multi-national corporations to drive increased business sales and provide first rate customer service to their business and consumer clients alike. Central to success in the industry in comprehensively understanding a business’s goals and working practices so that the service and sales provided can best fit a client’s particular business model. RSVP work with a number of companies who run business to business schemes for hundreds of other businesses. Facilitating the service of these schemes is complex and intricate, requiring multiple systems to integrate and interface correctly.

Business to business sales is about effectively demonstrating what sets your offering apart from the competition and making that case in a professional and efficient manner. Driving these sales at key times for business growth in a responsive and proactive fashion is essential. Providing business services is dependent upon replicating in-house business values and best practice. From quality assurance through to training and service delivery, RSVP provide business services via a model which seeks to be an extension of a client’s own offices and practices. Customer service interactions need to be positive and uphold the relevant working  methodology of each client.

RSVP's Services

RSVP provide outbound business to business sales services that utilise an extensive database of profiled company information to target particular sectors and business profiles that best suit a client’s offering. With advanced and highly proficient dialing and CRM systems, RSVP can run business to business sales campaigns with great efficiency and precision. Campaigns can be on-going or seasonal in nature to meet your business model’s demands and flexible working practices allow for operations to be scaled up or down as the market requires.

RSVP also provide inbound response services to businesses and their customers, from stock order management to invoice queries and customer service requests, RSVP have dedicated teams of business service staff with years of experience to give your customers the very best service.

How you will benefit

RSVP’s experience, working with businesses both small and large, sets it apart from the competition. Whether using our extensive database of business contacts for sales and lead generation or employing a business service team to handle day-to-day business functionality, the emphasis is on understanding your business’s key values and embodying those values in the work we do. With knowledge of a wide variety of different sectors, from retail to professional bodies, to finance and insurance through to trades and loyalty schemes, RSVP can draw on decades of business to business experience to deliver the best possible service for you, your clients and your customers.


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