About the House & Home Industry

It’s a widely accepted fact that the biggest purchase we’re ever likely to make in our lives will be a house and when you’ve got a house you like, the next step is to make it a home. The RSVP House & Home division includes clients catering for all facets of this journey. From estate agency, to financial services and mortgages 1-in-10 houses in the UK are sold through an RSVP client. Once you have purchased your house you need to make it a home with improvements to the décor, window coverings, conservatories and many more. RSVP work with a number of the leading house and home interior design suppliers and manufacturers to get your home looking just the way you like it. You also need to ensure you have the right broadband, telephone and utilities package in place. Finally once you have your home looking perfect you need to keep it that way. Finding reliable traders such as plumbers, builders and carpenters is imperative to maintain the integrity and value of your purchase. The House & Home division has grown significantly over the last 12-18 months as more and more people understand the importance of such a significant life purchase. 

RSVP's Services

A large proportion of the House & Home services provided by RSVP centre around appointment setting for clients who need to get their specialist consultants and advisors though the door. We are able to incorporate any type of existing booking system into our CRM to make the process for the customer as seamless as possible. Whether this be web based or client side, the agents are able to book directly into the clients diary. Confirmation emails and SMS messages can automatically be raised off the back of a call to preserve and protect the sat rate of the appointments. There is also the option of scheduling a follow up call to the customer post the appointment date to establish some qualitative customer services feedback. Many clients find this provides some invaluable feedback on the quality of their agents in the field.

Appointment setting and lead generation is only one side of the House & Home coin and RSVP has experience in selling numerous different home related comparison packages. From telecommunication suppliers to gas and electric companies. Finding the best deal is at the forefront of price conscious consumer’s minds and RSVP agents are equally skilled and experienced at dealing with this fast paced sector.   

How you will benefit

The warm and engaging nature of our agents allows the customer to feel at ease when booking an appointment. The fact you’re scheduling a time for an unknown person to visit your home can be daunting for some customers. The agents involved in appointment setting are naturally attune to the customers behavior and can control the call with the right amount of professionalism and empathy to ensure quality appointments are being booked.