About the Holidays & Leisure Industry

In a globally connected world, consumers are faced with more and more choice on how to spend their Holiday and Leisure time. Consequentially the increasingly looking to new and diverse avenues in which to acquire a service that meets their needs.

From increasingly low cost flights and exclusive package deals, to home swapping and couch surfing - the market is responding fast with new and innovative concepts for the 21st Century consumer.

As the market becomes more densely populated with both innovative startups looking to make their way, as well as established players trying to maintain their customer base and prestige – organizations need more than ever to be proactive about retaining and growing their customer base.

Long term, the winners and losers in this market are often decided by the level of service provided – from the attention to detail and smooth booking process provided by an effective customer service team to an attractive and intuitive web platform or even a complimentary gesture – it’s vital in the 21st century that an organization tries to distinguish itself from its competitors.

With this in mind - and although seemingly low on the priority list - a highly skilled Contact Centre, providing either inbound or outbound services, plays a vital role in both providing that competitive edge to ensure healthy growth and vital consumer retention.

RSVP's Services

Over 25 years the RSVP Holidays and Leisure department has provided a dynamic set of services to a dynamic set of clients. We tailor specifically for our clients to provide an increasingly bespoke set of services that are demanded by the 21st century client and consumer. 

Our services for this sector range from providing outbound welcome calls (whereby we call customers who have requested a particular brochure in order to ensure it has arrived ok and to help them with any questions) to bespoke lead generation, placing actual booking on fully integrated system platforms and multi-lingual customer service solutions.

Using sophisticated CRM and dialer technology, we are able to incorporate any type of existing booking system to make the process for the customer as seamless as possible.

How you will benefit

Why have “satisfied” customers when you can have customers who are fully engaged and excited about the brand and its values? Time and time again RSVP agents make that kind of difference. 

Brand is key in this industry, and therefore it’s vital that the people who directly communicate with the customers embody the qualities and personality of the brand. As professional actors, we utilize and encourage their natural communication skills for rapport building. Unlike other “Call Centre’s”, it’s vital at RSVP that the character and personality of each agent shines through on the phone call in order to provide a customer experience with a difference.

Both our Customer Services department and Holidays and Leisure department has been in operation for over 25 years. This has given RSVP a level of experience in which to provide a unique service.  More than just a Contact Centre - we offer on-going consultation on marketing strategy, campaign development and project execution.

Our vast experiences within these sectors as well as our access to highly skilled customer facing staff mean that RSVP is uniquely placed to provide that cutting edge needed for clients from luxury brands to innovative concepts. 


Relevant Case Studies