About the Food & Wine Industry

The Food and Wine Industries are highly competitive, rapidly changing, and aggressively marketed sectors of the UK economy. Densely populated with both innovative startups looking to make their way, as well as established players trying to maintain their customer base and prestige – organizations need more than ever to be proactive about growing their customer base. Brand is key in this market. The winners and losers are often decided by the precision of their marketing strategy, backed up by the affinity the consumers have with the brand. 

To a degree we live in a “cold calling” society, and subsequently telemarketing is a bit of a dirty word. However the reality is that if the right customers are contacted in the right way, by the right people, then that can often be the difference between a customer buying from your organization or a competitor. Regardless of the size of the organization and the size of its customer base, time and again customers who once were fully engaged with the brand, but no longer are for one reason or another, act as a neglected resource.  However the key to a healthy customer retention rate as well sustainable growth, often lies with those customers as there is a pre-existing relationship that can contain key learnings for any company. 

RSVP's Services

The RSVP Food and Wine Division provide a dynamic set of services that are tailored specifically for our clients to get ahead in a competitive market.  Our vast experiences within these sectors mean that RSVP is uniquely placed to provide both consultation services as well as frontline sales. We offer on-going consultation on marketing strategy, campaign development and project execution. 

We are able to incorporate any type of existing booking system into our CRM to make the process for the customer as seamless as possible. Whether this be web based or client side, the agents are able to book directly into the clients diary. Confirmation emails and SMS messages can automatically be raised off the back of a call to provide authentic experience. 

How you will benefit

For obvious reasons, organizations within the Food and Wine industries often spend vast amounts of money and resource acquiring new customers through different channels. However the key to sustainable growth and customer retention is to proactively manage their lapsed customer base. RSVP are experts in this field and can turn a stagnated pool of names into active customers who are fully engaged in the brand and values.

As well as have the management experience we also have the right agents on the phone. The brand is key in this industry, and therefore it’s vital that the people making the contact with the customers represent the qualities of the brand. As professional actors, we utilize and encourage their natural communications skills for rapport building. Unlike other Call Centre’s, it’s vital at RSVP that the character and personality of each agent shines through on the phone call in order to provide a unique and positive customer experience.


Relevant Case Studies